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SOLITUDE, single channel film, 2016



(Solitude)  feeling the time is passing


(Solitude) of a bench alone on the street.


(Solitude) all day repeating the same line of a song.


(Solitude) checking every hours a roof under construction of neighbour.


(Solitude), all of sudden.


(Solitude) third cup of coffee.


(Solitude) of a driver.


(Solitude) can’t take eyes off mobile.


(Solitude) as it is.


(Solitude) counting various colours of socks.


(Solitude) thinking of family.


(Solitude) uphill road and face a person from upside so have to make way for him.


(Solitude) not saying discomfort.


(Solitude) right ankle is twisted while walking.


(Solitude) hearing sound of rain.


(Solitude) unable to remember the word.


(Solitude) difficult to approach glad friend.


(Solitude) crowd on a train in the morning.


(Solitude) no beer in a fridge.


(Solitude) smelling lavenders in the garden of not mine.


(Solitude) seeing stars little by little in purely black sky.


(Solitude) playing game with drunk people.


(Solitude) hard to fall asleep even though feel so tired.


(Solitude) thinking of intangible things back in the days.


(Solitude) etc.

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