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; Korean exclamation when the great idea comes up.


 We are a project group named Ohhora which Banjoo Kim and Minsun Lee are working together.

 We are a couple living together, at the same time, coworkers in art field. Naturally, we are managing common life as a family, such as eating, sleeping and decorating home, also as an artist, we are managing uncommon life which seems a bit different from the others. 


 We are working on roaming, playing and questioning between those two sides of our lives. CET 8:30 is a work we take a photo anything in front of us at every 8:30 AM based central european time, so the time we take a photo would be changed when we have been in different time based countries. What the Fuck, Where Are We? is a kind of selfies of ourselves with puzzled looks when we have been with a certain landmark in other countries, and this work focused on a reality which is the fatigue of traveller pushed for time and money, not on positive heart fluttering in an exotic country. Also, Orchid is a picture of a hairy nipple, and an appearance of that seems orchids in oriental paintings, so we made a painting in the manner of traditional ink painting in Korea. 


 Our works above have three features.

 First, the works above aim for picturing a real world where we live rather than sketching an ideal world. Random photos in CET 8:30 allows to face with time and space of us without any purpose. Therefore, we can check the actual reality, our sticking place everyday.

 Secondly, those works have a sociality. We are a group derived from a family so called primary society, so we would more likely to say about a society we are in than about a personal epic. Selfies in What the Fuck, Where Are We? reminds of a number of travellers gathered around an each landmarks. We revealed we are one of them by taking a picture on those tourist spots, but it uncovered our discomfort with our awkward face. 

 Lastly, our works are playful. We always look at the world with wit and laughter. Orchid shows our playful moment. We would like to gradually broaden this kind of play towards audiences who will see our works. 


 Overall, our works began from a craving for existence confirmation, ‘Who am I?’. We are constantly suggesting who we are, but then, we are denying and twisting them. Since we are both artists and audience who look at each other’s work, we are enduringly asking each other, ‘Who are you?’. Furthermore, we want to throw a question, ‘Who are we?’ to a community, a society and the world. 

CET 8:30 (part)


Banjoo Kim, Stuttgart, 8:30AM, 22 Apr. 2015 

Minsun Lee, London, 7:30AM, 22 Apr. 2015

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